Why Bonsai?

Why I am so driven to create bonsai is a question I am often asked. There are a number of reasons,bonsai appeals to me on many levels. First I love the outdoors; I am inspired by giant old trees, and twisted battered trees on mountain sides that struggle each year to just stay alive. Bonsai is a way of recreating those trees I admire so much. I enjoy what I think are four major aspects of creating bonsai. There is an artistic or style component to creating good bonsai which as an artist appeals to me. There is also the horticultural aspect of bonsai. Fertilizing, watering, pruning, root pruning, pest management, etc… the science of bonsai I call it. My last career was as a horticulturist so I enjoy the “science of bonsai” very much. There can be quite a physical nature to bonsai, depending on the size of the trees you like and how you get them. I enjoy bending big branches with rebar, or digging up some trees from a mountain side, or someone’s back yard. I like to get my hands dirty and be a part of creating theses trees. Lastly it’s the maintenance; I enjoy checking on the trees daily, picking foliage, spending time around them. It’s a very peaceful time tending to my trees, a nice quiet escape from the often to chaotic world.

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